Finger Lakes Dental Care Newsletter-Jan 2017

Hi everyone,
Dr. Jason here! dr-jason2-copy

Well, we just made it through another wonderful holiday season, and now the countdown to spring has officially started.  But, before we get ahead of ourselves, I wanted to recap everything that has happened with the office since this fall.

Probably the most significant news, is the fact that we will be opening a brand-new office in Naples in the next couple of weeks.  Also, we have added a new dentist to our Canandaigua office.

Please enjoy this edition of our Finger Lakes Dental Care Newsletter and learn more about the latest happenings, and get some great dental tips.  Feel free to pass this email on to your friends or family so they can learn more as well.

-Dr. Jason


FLDC Coming to Naples!
I am pleased to share with you some very exciting news about our practice. Finger Lakes Dental Care is opening a brand-new office in Naples after the first of the year! Located just off main street in the village, the new office will provide all the same high quality dental services as the Canandaigua and Victor offices.

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Canandaigua Community Meal

On October 24th, we provided our fourth community meal in Canandaigua. Our next event is slated for January 23rd, and we look to continue building on our tremendous success.

We have created a new website where those interested in helping can sign-up.

Read More on our Community Meal Facebook page






Exciting News!
We are thrilled to announce that a new dentist has joined our Canandaigua office, Dr. Catherine Telehany!  Dr. Cate brings a zeal and enthusiasm to our team, and is eager to put her talents to work in improving people’s lives.

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Dental Implants

We are doing more and more implant dentistry every day. From replacing one tooth, to fixing dentures in for our patients, the possibilities with dental implants are limitless.

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Sedation Dentistry
If you get anxious at the thought of having dental care work done, you’re not alone! At Finger Lakes Dental Care of Victor, we are able to provide sedation dentistry services so you have a pleasant, comfortable, and pain-free experience.
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FLDC Coming to Naples!

HELLO! Dr. Jason here. I am pleased to share with you some very exciting news about our practice. Finger Lakes Dental Care is opening a brand new office in Naples after the first of the year! Located just off of main street in the village, the new office will provide all of the same high quality dental services as the Canandaigua and Victor offices.

As we continue to draw patients from throughout the southern tier, and as far south as Elmira and Corning, we saw a pressing need to open a new office in Naples. I feel very blessed that many of our patients drive 30-90 minutes to Canandaigua to see us for routine care. Our goal for opening this new office is to bring you the quality care and


24 Mill Street

superior customer service you are accustomed to receiving, only closer to home. Construction is underway and we are targeting right after New Years as our grand opening for Finger Lakes Dental Care of Naples.

So, how does this specifically affect you?  I’ve tried to address some of those questions and concerns you may have here:

  1. Which office do I go to?

You can choose either office. If the Naples office is more convenient for you, then we will transfer your records to that location seamlessly.  If you prefer to stay in the Canandaigua office, we would love to have you.  The decision to open this location was based on our desire to accommodate you, so the choice is yours.

  1. Who else will be working in the Naples office?

Dr. Jason and Dr. Lindsey will be working in the Naples location to start. Kelly and Julie will share time as hygienists between the Naples and Canandaigua offices.

  1. Will billing, insurance and other policies of the new office be similar to what I’m used to?

Yes.  Nothing is changing.  We will still be a preferred provider in the same dental insurance plans, and we will still be offering patient financing.  Any out of pocket fees you may have in Canandaigua will not increase in Naples.

We are now scheduling appointments for the Naples office!  If you have an upcoming appointment at the Canandaigua office, or you are due for your cleaning and would like to schedule in Naples, please call the Naples office at (585) 374-8260.

This is a very exciting time for us, and I couldn’t wait to share this great news with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.  You can find additional information on our Naples website at:


Dr. Jason

October Community Meal


Dr. Jason here, and we are 2 weeks away from our next Community Meal. Please take a moment to read through this email update.

Community Meal Flyer.

Attached is our flyer for this event. If you feel inclined, please forward it to anyone you feel is an advocate for what we are trying to accomplish.


Can you bake? Drive a car? Sweep a floor? Help create awareness of the event?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES, then we need you!

Please visit our volunteering sign up site. This event does not happen without your support.!1615103/false/false

Awareness. Kara Tanoory ( and Izy Grooms ( are forming a small army to help create awareness of the event. On Sunday (8 days before the event)10/16 from 9-1 they will be going door to door in the neighborhood surrounding the Fire Hall and handing out flyers. The more people we can have for this mission the more people who need our help can be reached.


Are you involved with a youth sports team? Boy or girl scouts? youth church group? after school group? If you are please reach out to me, Kara or Izy and let them know that you want to help create awareness. The more people we have helping on 10/16 the bigger radius of homes we can get to; the more people we can serve. Even if you can make it an hour, we will gladly take the help.

If you cannot make it on 10/16 but would like to drop off flyers to local businesses, apartment complexes, churches, schools . . . please consider doing so. I can give you as many flyers as you want.

Financial Donations. We are now able to accept donations and supply tax deductible donation documentation for your gift. If you are able to make a financial contribution to our Community Meal, please consider doing so.

On-Site Organizations and Charities. Don’t forget to reach out to Donna ( if you represent an organization that you think can bring value to the guests we are serving.

Thank you again for taking the time to read through this update and for your consideration in helping the Community Meal in some way.

Please call/txt/email me (585-738-0082) if you have any questions, ideas or concerns.


Dental Implants

Hey guys Dr. Jason here,

We are doing more and more implant dentistry every day. From replacing one tooth, to fixing dentures in for our patients, the possibilities with dental implants are limitless. I was in the process of writing a blog to describe how they can work for certain situations but I thought sharing video would be more beneficial. After all, most of us are visual learners.

Please check out these videos and feel free to reach out and let me know if you have any questions.

dental-supported-dentures12    Locator Retained Overdenture

dimplant2  Single Implant


July Community Meal-Update


Hi Everyone,

I’m Super excited to share with you guys what has been going on with with the Community Meal preparation and planning. There is a lot going on. I realize all you’re very busy. When you get a moment please take a look at this update. GET ENGAGED! This is going to be a great event and we want you to be a huge part of it. As you will see below, there are many ways to serve!

Below I would like to share with you a brief update on what each committee is doing and HOW YOU CAN HELP.

1. Meal Delivery. WE DELIVER. In the past we have delivered over 250 meals from the kitchen at the Canandaigua Fire Hall to homes, retirement centers, apartment complexes and hospitals in Canandaigua, Geneva, Bloomfield, Newark, Farmington . . . pretty much wherever a hot meal needs to go.

If you would like to help deliver meals OR if you know of a person or an organization that would benefit from meal delivery please contact Tiffany. To help reach out at or call us at 585-394-1930

2. Deserts. Jennifer Green is heading up dessert organization. If you would like to bake or bring a dessert for the meal please reach out to her at or call us at 585-394-1930

3. Set up and Hospitality. Emily Spinelli has taken the reigns of making sure we are set up properly and our guests feel as welcome as possible. If you would like to help her make this event great for our guests please reach out to her at or call us at 585-394-1930.
We are looking for donations for flowers as table centerpieces. If you would like to donate flowers or know of someone

We are having Bryan Hanley from WB MASON donate table clothes and placemats. We are looking for local florists to donate flowers for the tables. If you know of anyone that could help us, send them our way!

SPECIAL THANKS to Crosswinds Church for stepping up and allowing us to use their tables and chairs and DANIELLE CLEMENT for renting us a truck to get the tables to and from the firehall!

4. Event Awareness. We need to get news of this event to as many people as possible. Tom and Jennifer Ewing from Ewing Graphics in Farmington have donated a huge banner, sidewalk sign and many grass signs that you will see around town next week. Be on the look out for them! Thanks guys.

Kara Tanoory and Izy Grooms are heading up a group of volunteers that are reaching out to local churches, soup kitchens and other community organizations in the area to create awareness. They are also going door to door next week with a team of volunteers handing out flyers to homes in Canandaigua. Do you know of a contact that helps to serve the community? Please forward them our info.

We also have flyers and posters readily available if you need them.

If you feel you could help serve in this way, please reach out to Kara at or call us at 585-394-1930.

5. Serving Food. Coach Jeff Welch has the Canandaigua Varsity Football Team ready to serve food for us Monday afternoon. They are also helping with Set up.

6. On-Site Organizations. Many local organizations have asked to be a part of the event in an attempt to make their services known to those we are trying to serve, Scheduled to be at the Community Meal are:

CareNet Pregnancy Center of Canandaigua
Jordon Health Center
No Where To Go
Finger Lakes Parent Network
The Partnership for Ontario County
LakeView Health Services
Habitat for Humanity,
Safe Harbor of the Finger Lakes
Ontario County NOEP (Nutrition Outreach Education Program)

If you know of an organization that can bring value to our Community Meal please reach out to Donna ( or or call us at 585-394-1930. We would love to have you.

7. Entertainment. Nick Vecchioli has donated his band, Tickle Your Incus, to the event for some great live music. We will also have a balloon clown, for kids. If you have ideas entertainment please reach out to us at

8. Food. This doesn’t happen without Eric Zimmerman and Charlie Gilligan from the Green Front stepping up in a big way. Special thanks to them for everything they do. If you would like to play a role in our food donations or food prep please let us know.

9. Facebook. We created a Facebook site dedicated to the Community Meal, which can be found at Community Meal. Please feel free to go there and share stories and pictures. Please come and take lots of pics and videos!

10. Financial donations. If the easiest way for you to serve and be a part of this event is via a monetary donation we would welcome it with open arms. So many “last minute” things come up that need to be purchased and previous donations have allowed us to continue to do this. If you are interested in making a financial donation please email me or call 585-394-1930. THANKS!

As always. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
thanks! Jason



The “Harmless” Habit That Could Make Your Teeth Fall Out. Literally!

Do you wake up some mornings with a headache of origins you can’t define? Do you experience vague muscle pain in your face? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of bruxism. What’s bruxism? You likely know it by its more informal name

– two names, actually: “clenching” and “grinding.”

It’s also not something you’ll want to ignore, because bruxism wears down the surface of your teeth and sets you up for cavities and tooth fractures. Severe cases can even contribute to tooth loss. Let’s find out how to stop this menace in its tracks.147490622

What Causes Bruxism?

At Finger Lakes Dental Care, we’ve seen many factors combine to create a bruxism habit. Stress and anxiety are believed to be leading causes, as are a misaligned bite, missing teeth, and sleep abnormalities. Some medications can also trigger episodes, as can neurological or musculature illnesses. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort due to bruxism, give us a call at (585) 394-1930.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Teeth Grinding? Isn’t It Normal?

Teeth grinding may be common, but it’s not “normal,” per se. Because the stresses of bruxism affect the entire jaw, this pressure can create cracks and chips in teeth, and over time can contribute to a shortening of lower face height due to bone loss. If that sounds scary, it should. It’s also a change you’ve seen before – in individuals who have lost all their teeth and do not wear dentures. We’re pretty sure that’s not a look you’re aiming to achieve.

How Do I Know I Have a Problem, and What Treatments Are Available?

In many cases, we’ll be able to see evidence of bruxism in your X-rays – and on the surface of your teeth – and will alert you to the problem long before you exhibit a single symptom, particularly if you sleep alone.  Occasionally however, you may start to clench and grind between visits and begin to notice symptoms on your own. If that’s more like your

Man Hand writing Stop Bruxism with black marker on visual screen

situation, and you find that you often wake with a sore jaw, a headache that goes away shortly after rising, or if a loved one tells you your teeth are making clickity-clankity noises all night, mention it the next time you’re visiting us.

As far as treatment goes, because the causes of bruxism are varied, the treatments vary as well. If we determine stress is the primary cause, we’ll likely recommend you abstain from excessive caffeine and alcohol, and attempt some form of daily relaxation. Even something as simple as a warm bath before sleeping can work wonders. If your bite is a concern, we suggest you schedule a visit with us for an evaluation.

In each of these cases, though, we’ll likely recommend a splint, or occlusal mouth guard to protect your teeth and bone from further damage. These protective devices are easy to wear, and contrary to what you may believe, will not impede your ability to get a good night’s sleep. In fact, they tend to enhance the quality of your sleep so you’ll wake up more refreshed.

Until Dr. Jason started asking me questions about my possible clenching I never really realized I did that at night. I thought it was just normal for me to wake up with a sore jaw and a mild headache. After he fitted me with a custom nightguard I started sleeping better, and the headaches were gone after 2 weeks.  My teeth are not nearly as sensitive to cold drinks and ice cream. Although I felt both of these benefits right away, Dr. Jason tells me that the biggest benefit will be no more teeth wearing down and much less time in the dental chair repairing chipped and worn down teeth. I’m cool with that!!”

-Donna, Farmington, NY

So, the next time you’re sitting in one of our super-May-Custom-Blog-Post-Imagecomfy chairs, ask if some sort of guard may be right for you. Many people go years without being aware they’re clenching and grinding since it takes time for symptoms to show in your mouth. Getting a mouthguard or splint once you know you have this habit, though, will help you with headaches and muscle pain now – and tooth trouble down the road. And, we make some beautiful, comfortable mouthguards at Finger Lakes Dental Care!

2016 FLDC Academic Scholarship Winners

In April, we launched our second annual Finger Lakes Dental Care academic scholarship.  This scholarship is our way of giving back to the community by helping to off-set the growing rise in higher education costs.  We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community, and we feel that this small gesture is the least we can do to show our gratitude.


As with last year, the scholarship was open to active patients seeking some form of higher education.  We asked that applicants to submit letters of recommendation and transcripts, along with a brief video describing why they would be a good candidate for the scholarship.  Well, after reviewing all of the submissions, we had a very hard choice to make. This year we saw an increase in applicants, and the top candidates were very close.  They all described their devotion to community service, passion for helping others, and academic success.  In fact, there were so many strong candidates, we had a very difficult time in selecting just three. It was so close, I decided to expand the scholarship to FOUR candidates.  I am pleased to announce the 2016 FLDC Academic Scholarship winners:


  • Emily VanDerEeems
  • Markell Reid
  • Tyler Boseck
  • Aubrey O’Connor


Please join us in congratulating these four great candidates.  Below is a brief bio for each candidate and their video contributions.


Emily VanDerEeems

Emily is a senior at Canandaigua Academy, and is active in many extracurricular activities while maintaining high academic standards.  Including cross country, indoor & outdoor track, choir, jazz choir, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the National Honor Society.  Additionally, she is a member of the Key Club and WYFY, which are focused on helping others in the community.  In the Fall, Emily is scheduled to attend SUNY Geneseo majoring in sports psychology in hopes of helping other athletes.




Markell Reid

Markell attends Syracuse University, and this fall she will be a junior majoring in nutrition and minoring in public health.  She was inspired to help others while participating in the Flower City Work Camp where she helped rebuild homes in Rochester.  Markell is eager to travel across the world to help the undernourished and disadvantaged.  Also, she aspires to give back to her local community by using her education in helping others live healthy and vibrant lives.


Markell Reid.00_00_56_11.Still002

Tyler Boseck

Tyler is a senior at Canandaigua Academy, and will be attending Duquesne University majoring in pharmacy.  While at the Academy, Tyler was very active in sports, musicals, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and other service organizations.  It was while participating in these organizations that Tyler refined her enthusiasm to help others.  Tyler’s passion for science and biology are the origin for her seeking a degree in pharmacy.  Upon graduating, she is weighing options to help others through mission work, or seeking an advanced degree in pediatric pharmacy.


Aubrey O’Connor

Aubrey is a senior at Marcus Whitman, and plans to attend Keuka College in the fall majoring in occupational therapy.  While at Marcus Whitman, Aubrey was a member of the Entrepreneurship Club, Drama Club, Ski Club, track & field, and the National Honor Society.  She has given back to her community while volunteering at the ReStore on weekends and helping out at various assisted living homes in the area.Aubrey Oconnor.00_00_05_13.Still003


Bad Breath?!?!

Bad Breath Stinks . . . . LITERALLY!

shutterstock_261531452(2)Having bad breath (Halitosis) can be a tough problem to overcome. What should you do about it? Mints? Gum? Listerine? Those are all band-aids to the problem. Let’s talk about a SOLUTION! But, before we do that lets spend a few moments talking about the cause of bad breath.

Scientists have long known that bad breath is caused from Volatile Sulphur Compounds or (VSC’s). Some VSC’s form when the normal bacteria in your mouth interacts with conditions like gum disease and infection located in the pockets of your gums and the crevices of your teeth. Most VSC’s however are due to bacteria sitting on your tongue! These compounds can build up on your tongue all night long. This is one of the main reasons why we wake up with “morning breath”, which isn’t exactly the ideal thing you want to smell first thing in the morning.

Besides VSC’s, there are also many other causes of bad breath such as: infected tonsils, acid reflux, and stuffed or stagnant nasal passages (the #1 reason children can have bad breath)

So now that we know what causes Halitosis, what can we do about it?

  1. ScrappingClean your tongue. Brushing and flossing your teeth isn’t enough to combat bad breath. Brushing your tongue, or better yet scrapping yourtongue from back to front with a tongue scrapper will do the best job of removing these VSC’s.
  1. Brush and floss your teeth daily. Yes, the tongue holds most of the mouths VSC’s but there are still many lurking between your teeth and in your gum pockets. Some people have deeper gum pockets that cannot be cleaned well enough at home and need professional dental cleanings.
  1. Keep your mouth hydrated. Having a dry mouth can lead to dead cells sitting in the mouth for extended periods of time allowing the VSC’s to multiply. Saliva is great at washing away these bacteria, but if you suffer from a dry mouth you will need water to wash away the dead bacteria that can accumulate in your mouth. Some products like Biotene can help people who suffer from dry mouth.


What are some “life hacks” that you can use to fight bad breath?

  1. Chew sugar free gum. Of course the gum can provide some temporary freshness, but more importantly chewing stimulates salivary flow and that saliva can help wash away VSC’s
  1. Certain medications can cause an increase in VSC’s Some drugs given for high-blood pressure, allergies and depression may make your mouth dry which can cause it to smell. Talk to your doctor about this.
  1. Eat a diet low in starchy/sugary foods. Try and consume fresh crisp fruits and raw vegetables.woman-eating-apple-in-the-fall
  1. Chew on herbs and other food oddities. Many herbs such as parsley and cilantro are wonderful natural solutions for bad breath. The chlorophyll in these green plants neutralizes odors. Chew a piece of lemon or orange rind for a mouth-freshening burst of flavor. (Wash the rind thoroughly first.) The citric acid will stimulate the salivary glands—and fight bad breath.
  1. Try a 30-second mouthwash rinse that is alcohol-free. Mix a cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda (which changes the pH level and fights odor in the mouth) along with a few drops of antimicrobial peppermint essential oil. Don’t swallow it!

If after trying these remedies you find that you still can’t eliminate that unpleasant bad breath, speak to one of us so we can try and help solve this bothersome problem.


Dr. Jason

2016 FLDC Scholarship

scholarship44In 2015, we offered the first-ever Finger Lakes Dental Care academic scholarship to three loyal patients. Contestants were asked to submit an application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and most importantly a video telling us why they should be considered for the scholarship. After evaluating numerous applicants, judges awarded three $1,000 scholarships for contestants to put towards their academic endeavors.

Recognizing that the costs for higher education keeps rising, we feel this scholarship is an easy way to give back to the community that has welcomed us with open arms. We feel so blessed to be a part of this community, and it just seems like the right thing to do. Plus, I hope that this money can play a small part in growing future leaders in our community.

Building off of last year’s success, we are going to offer three more scholarships this year. We are going to award a $1,000 scholarship to three of our patients that can be used for any type of higher education. A review committee will evaluate all submissions and award the scholarship to three candidates based on their application and a short video expressing why they would be a good candidate for the scholarship.

The criteria for the scholarship is pretty simple and straight forward. I don’t want to create an over burdensome application process. Instead, simply answer a few questions, submit academic transcripts, and shoot a short video…. that’s it!  The deadline for applications is May 15th, and winners will be announced on June 1st.  

Follow this link to apply today