FLDC Academic Scholarship

Hey everybody!

I wanted to dedicate this blog posting to talk about a great opportunity we’re offering our loyal patients in help with the risinggrad-scholarship cost of higher education.  Last week we kicked off the first-ever Finger Lakes Dental Care academic scholarship! Check out this video for all the details:

We are going to award a $1,000 scholarship to three of our patients that can be used for any type of higher education.  A review committee will evaluate all submissions and award the scholarship to three candidates based on their application and a short video expressing why they would be a good candidate for the scholarship.

The criteria for the scholarship is pretty simple and straight forward.  I didn’t want to create an over burdensome application process.  Instead, simply answer a few questions, submit academic transcripts, and shoot a short video by April 1st….that’s it!  Follow this link to apply: Scholarship Application

Since we’ve kicked this off, we have heard from many of you, and a question that has come up a few times is why?  Well, it’s pretty simple. We’ve been so blessed in the way this community has welcomed us in and supported our practice that we felt this was long overdue. This is an easy way for us to give back.  Plus, by helping to offset the costs of education, in a small way we hope we are contributing to future upstanding citizens in our community.

All I ask is that you help spread the word, and encourage family’s to consider this great opportunity to help with the costs of education that seem to be rising every year.

Good luck to everyone!

Dr. Jason

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